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School Rules

Fundamental College Rules

Students shall be deemed under the authority of the college while:

  1. Present at college during an official college day.
  2. Representing the college at any time, whether it be sport, cultural pursuits or any other activity.
  3. On any official college trip or function whether or not a parent or guardian is also present.
  4. On the way to college and from college.
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Prohibition on Drugs and Alcohol

No student shall consume, sell, purchase, supply or have in his/her possession alcohol or illegal drugs, or materials/implements related to drug use, whilst under the authority of the college.

Policy: It is the Principal's policy to treat very seriously a breach of this rule. It is likely that the Principal (after first considering all the circumstances involved) would regard such a breach as sufficiently serious to warrant a student being stood-down/suspended, and the matter referred to the Board.

Solvent Abuse

No student shall bring into the college unauthorised solvents such as petrol, glue etc, or be under the influence of solvents whilst under the authority of the college.

Policy: The college views an infringement of this rule as being serious, and, after first considering all the circumstances involved, the Principal may consider either referral to outside counselling agencies, and/or stand down/suspension action.

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Prohibition on Tobacco and Policy relating to Smoking, Theft, Truancy & Continual Disobedience:

No student shall smoke tobacco, supply to another or have tobacco in his/her possession while under the authority of the college.

Policy: Students in breach of the Smoking rule will be placed on "Smokers Report" on no more than two occasions per year. Further breaches may result in the Principal interviewing the parents/caregivers and student concerned to provide a final warning.

In relation to theft, truancy and continual disobedience it is the college policy to inform parents/caregivers in writing of what has occurred. Repeated infringements will result in the Principal interviewing the parents/caregivers re student behaviour. It is likely that, after fully considering all circumstances, the Principal will regard repeated breaches of these rules as being sufficiently serious to justify stand-down or suspension and referral to the Board.

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Abusive or foul language towards staff and visitors:

No student shall use foul or abusive language towards college staff or visitors.

Policy: The college places considerable emphasis on common courtesy and good manners. The Principal regards breaches of this rule as being serious in terms of the example set to other students, and may, after first considering all the circumstances, recommend to the Board the stand-down or suspension of the student concerned.

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Student Harassment

This may occur on a physical, verbal, sexual or racist basis and is totally unacceptable at this college. We seek to provide an environment which is comfortable, safe and secure for all students, and where there is respect for individuality and differences of opinion.

Policy: The college will not tolerate student harassment on any basis and will fully investigate, where appropriate, incidents which are observed or reported. Students and parents/caregivers should note that in the event of serious incidents of student harassment occurring the Principal may, after fully considering all the circumstances, recommend to the Board the stand-down or suspension of the student(s) involved.

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General College Rules

Students are expected to be at college before the college day begins, and to be punctual for all classes. These rules do not apply for incidents occurring outside the authority of the school (please see Fundamental College Rules). In such cases parents/caregivers should consider referring such matters to the police.

Behaviour in Class:

The college expects you to be considerate to others, courteous and cooperative at all times.

Students will stand when the Principal enters a classroom.

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When you have been absent from college, an absence note must be provided for your form teacher on the day you return, stating the reason for the absence. This note must be signed by your parents/caregivers. Your parent/caregiver should ring the college Office to inform the college of your absence but a written note on your return is still required.

Leaving the College Grounds:

Students are expected to remain in the college grounds throughout the college day.

Students who go home for lunch regularly must arrange for their names to be placed on the Lunch pass list. A note from parents/caregivers is needed before this can occur. Students will then be issued with a lunch pass.

Notes from parents/caregivers are also necessary if lunch is being taken at a friend's house.

Students are not allowed into town unless a permit has been issued by any member of the college’s Senior Management Team.

Students who leave school during the day must sign out at the Deputy Principal’s office. A note must be produced to explain the need to leave before permission can be granted.

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Uniforms and Personal Appearances:

It is important that students take a pride in their personal appearance and comply with the uniform requirements stated in the Prospectus. Students are expected to be neat and tidy at all times.

For reasons of safety and security the only jewellery allowed is a wrist watch. One gold or silver ear stud may be worn in each ear. Tongue, visible body piercing and tattoos are not permitted.

"Make-up" is only permitted if it is discreet and appropriate for a school setting.

Hair must be in the natural range of hair colours. Outlandish hair styles or outlandish-colourings are not permitted. Hair must be of a reasonable length (a no.2 cut is regarded as the shortest cut allowable). Hair must be neat, and clean and kept away from the face.

The cultivation of facial hair is not permitted.

Coloured nail polish is not permitted. If you forget to remove polish staff will ask you to report to the DP to have it removed.

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Cellphones are not permitted in the college grounds between 8:35 am and 3:05 pm. The policy is simply: Cellphones are invisible, inaudible or in the office.

If students are found to be using cellphones during this time they will have the phone confiscated. Cellphones will only be returned to parents and caregivers.

Cellphones will be kept by any member of the Senior Management team and a record of confiscations kept by the DP.

Any student who is found to be sending threatening text messages will be seen by a member of the Senior Management team. If there are further concerns parents will be invited to discuss the situation with the counsellor, student and Senior Management member.

Students who refuse to hand cellphones to teachers will be treated for defiance.

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Cycles and Cycle Helmets:

For reasons of safety you must dismount from your cycle at the college gates on Pownall Street when you arrive at college, and you must walk your cycle to the road when you leave. If you are cycling in to school from the Cornwall Street or Renall Street entrances, you may cycle up the side of the Oval nearest to college House but then must dismount by the computer suite and walk your bike to the only cycle stands by the college's Administration Centre. Bicycles are not to be parked against fences or outside the school grounds.

Note that the security of cycles is a constant problem. Make sure your cycle is always left securely locked, preferably attached to the cycle stand itself.

All Wairarapa college students cycling to and from school must wear a safety helmet. You may either take responsibility for its security yourself and keep it with you during the day or you may fasten it to your bike and leave it there during the day. Like any other piece of school uniform it must be clearly named. Failure to wear a helmet will be treated like any other problem in terms of school uniform.

Motor Cycles and Cars:

Students must complete a vehicle permit at the beginning of the year to be allowed the privilege of bringing a vehicle to school. These permits should be returned to the Deputy Principal Appropriate forms should be uplifted from the college Office. Students will be issued with a permit which must be displayed on the dash board of the vehicle or in a visible place on motorcycle. Vehicle parking will be at the owner’s risk. Student parking is permitted in Pownall Street. Students are able to use the pool carpark accessible from Cornwall Street. No parking is permitted around the Oval. Parents will be contacted if the vehicle is used irresponsibly.

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Damage to College Property:

Damage to college property must be reported to a member of the college’s Senior Management Team.

Students will be required to pay for damage caused by deliberate vandalism or juvenile behaviour. No charge will be made for a legitimate accident.

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You are expected to be at your classes on time. Please be punctual. If you are late, you will be punished. Excessive lateness to any single class (eg. more than 10 minutes) without an adequate excuse will give you 8 demerits.

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Lost Property:

Lost property is stored in the cupboard near the main office, although items found are usually handed first to a member of the college’s Senior Management Team.

Before accusing somebody of theft, make sure that the article is not among the lost property, and do not give up after the first enquiry. The article may take time to turn up.

See that everything is clearly named so that it can be identified. As well as your name, put a distinguishing mark on important items.

Any loss in school is not covered by the college's insurance policy but by your own family's policy.

Items confiscated from you by staff, be they jewellery, clothing, electronic devices etc., will have been so because they are inappropriate to school. The college does not accept responsibility for these items which should not have been in school in the first place.

Lost Property handed into the college Office is stored for one week then taken over to the college Uniform Shop in Cornwall St.

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Sickness during College time:

Students feeling unwell at college should report to the school nurse or in her absence to the college office.

Students will not be allowed home without the permission of the senior staff, or the School Nurse.

Students will only be allowed to go home when the college has contacted parents/caregivers to ensure that care is available.

Students may be directed, at the discretion of Senior Staff to the college Sick Bay or to see the college Nurse.

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Safety Precautions in Laboratories:

No pupils may enter any laboratory unless directed by a teacher.

Materials or apparatus are to be used or inspected only on the advice of the class teacher.

No chemical reagents may be removed for private use.

No food may be consumed in a laboratory.

Make yourself familiar with, and observe the special precautions to avoid or to remedy accidental injury in each laboratory.

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