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College House is the co-residential boarding hostel of Wairarapa College which caters for 175 students.

College House

Staff strive to create a caring environment where students are comfortable and feel part of the greater hostel family. The ethos of College House blends in well with the school's philosophy of 'educating every student to his or her potential'. College House encourages students to co-operate, participate and to become independent, while developing the values of discipline, courtesy, honesty and manners.

The focus at College House is on strong family values. Student guidelines, expectations and standards are clearly set and students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions.

College House students are recognised as having a 'special character' that comes from the bond that is developed through living closely with each other.

A Proud Tradition

College House has a long tradition as it was first opened in 1925 as a boys' hostel. The girls' hostel was situated in Essex Street and was known as Purnell House. In 1976 the two hostels amalgamated on the College House site.

College House is administered by the Wairarapa College Board of Trustees through its Hostel Committee which delegates the day to day running of the Hostel to the Hostel Manager. The Hostel is managed by Mr Nigel Shields. Matters of the boarders' welfare and the housekeeping are the responsibility of the Matrons Danielle Shields, Sharon Haeata and Kerry Cartmell. In addition there are ten resident supervisors and four tutors.

A group of senior boys and girls are appointed as Prefects.

The Hostel roll is made up of essentially rural Wairarapa students, but a number of students from out of the district have also chosen to make College House their home during term.

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